Sunday, June 8, 2008

World news

This article was copied from the Salvador online newspaper, "A Tarde":

"Quatorze homicídios foram registrados na capital baiana e em cidades da Região Metropolitana de Salvador (RMS) nas últimas 24 horas, das sete horas deste sábado, 07, às sete horas deste domingo, 08, segundo informações da Central de Telecomunicações das Polícias Civil e Militar (Centel). Dos assassinatos, apenas sete ocorreram no bairro de Mussurunga."
(Translation: 14 homicides were registered in the Bahian capital and in cities of the metropolitan region of Salvador in the last 24 hours from this Saturday, the 7th, at 7AM until this Sunday, the 8th according to information from the Center of Telecommunications of the Civil and Military police. Of these people killed, at least 7 occurred in the Mussurunga neighborhood)

This article was copied from the New York Times world section, it was one of the lead stories today:

TOKYO — A 25-year-old man who told the police he was tired of life went on a killing rampage in a popular shopping street in central Tokyo on Sunday, plowing his truck into a crowd of pedestrians before stabbing passers-by with a survival knife. Seven people died and 11 were injured.

There has been a huge increase in crime in Salvador this year so far, especially homicides. I can´t recall the exact number, but it has been an increase of something like 70-80% above the number from last year. It seems like every weekend, there are at least 30-40 people murdered here.

Now, the majority of these people who are killed are poor and many are drug traffickers. But what I want to know is, why is this not one of the lead stories in the NY times? And Salvador is much smaller than Rio or São Paulo, where I am sure there are many more people killed every weekend. It is interesting to see how biased the "world news" really is. How can we really find out what is going on this world?


markuza said...

Unfortunately world news is all about making money and you can't make money if you push news that nobody wants to hear, which is why there is such scant coverage of this kind of thing, or the wars in Africa, or a million other things that are happening in the world. Brazil is going through a JonBenet style media frenzy because a middle class white child was allegedly murdered by her stepmom. Poor children of color who meet a similar tragic fate make the local news once, and that's it.

Pedra said...

Yeah, I was pretty blown away by the media attention that the Isabella situation got when there is so much violence that happens all the time that gets no attention whatsoever. Just another example of the poor getting the shaft.