Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Translation work

Last night I got a phone call which led to my second go at doing some translation/correction work from Portuguese to English.  My first attempt at  doing this was about a month ago.  I got a call from this woman who got my name from one of my students.  She is a doctor and wanted me to "correct" this medical document that she had tried to write in English.  I finished the job in about 2 hours and R$80 richer, was pleased with my work.

This second job was similar.  The same student gave my name to this woman, who is a doctor.  She also had the document in Portuguese and then her attempt at English.  Luckily she knew all the medical terms in English, because that would have been a big challenge for me.  It was mostly just grammar and sentence structure that I had to correct.

I don't know if I am ready to do a "real" translation, but I am feeling more confident about my abilities.  Another way to make some money here.... always a good thing when you are a foreigner trying to make your way!

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