Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election party, Bahia style

Last night, despite fighting a bad cold, I went to Salvador's "American Society" election party at Clube Espanhol. The party consisted of about 50 Americans and friends, a band made up of Americans ("Doug Adair e os Estrangeiros" which means "Doug Adair and the Foreigners") singing American rock cover songs, CNN and Fox news on the cable tv in English, and a lot of beer drinking and enthusiasm for the election results. I couldn't partake in the beer drinking due to being under the weather, but it sure was fun to be with a bunch of Americans, all rooting for Obama and witnessing a great moment in our nation's history.

It was interesting to check out the crowd. There were a lot of folks there! Everyone was really friendly and welcoming even though I didn't really get much of a chance to talk with new folks. There was even a news camera there covering the scene!

Vilma and I ended up leaving around 11:30PM because I really needed to get home and rest, due to being sick. But today I ran into some folks who were at the party and they said they stayed until like 2:30AM to watch the concession and acceptance speeches. I managed to stay awake until 1AM, just long enough to see that CNN and ABC news had called it for Obama, before dropping off to sleep.

This morning I woke up and immediately turned on my computer. When I saw that Obama had won, and started reading a little bit about people's reactions, I totally started to cry. What an incredible time in history! I was overcome with emotion.

I had a class at 8AM, and instead of doing our normal stuff, I decided that we should watch both Obama and McCain's speeches, and then we could talk about the vocabulary they used and check to make sure he understood everything. It was nice to share this moment with one of my students and give him a chance to see how one American was moved by this unforgettable moment.

Here's a picture of me being patriotic:
"Happy New World" as they were saying at the party last night!!!!!!


M :) said...

What was your take on Prop 8, though?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pedra...
I have a unique and interesting opportunity for both you and your blog and was wondering if you had an email address I could contact you at? I'll check back on the site if you could just leave it in this comment secion that would be great!

Pedra said...

Well, of course I am really upset about prop. 8. I hope that upon receipt of the absentee ballots that they will find enough votes on the negative side. What a tragedy for all those couples who have already married...

My email address is:

M :) said...

I remember reading your posts on coming back to the States some day, and this is not a step in the right direction! I think that the decision was overshadowed by everything else going on.

Luci said...

we're pretty joyous, here... and wishing you were here to help celebrate!

prop 8 in CA sure is a huge disappointment, though.

it is clear there is still much work to do... are you ready?