Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The beach house

This past weekend I was invited to go to one of my student´s (who is also my friend) beach house, just north of Salvador. The house is located in a place called Jauá, and is about a 45 minute drive from Salvador. My student bought the land for the house a couple of years ago and had it built, after dreaming his whole life of having a house right on the beach. This picture is the view that I had from my bed when I woke up on Sunday morning. It about says it all.

This weekend was a holiday weekend in Salvador, Monday being a religious holiday. I was happy for the chance to escape the city for a couple of days, and to go a place where I could totally relax. We arrived on Saturday afternoon and planned to stay through Monday, although due to the water not working properly, we had to leave on Sunday evening.

The time there was spent walking on the beach, talking, cooking and eating, drinking wine, and overall just enjoying everyone´s company. There were 5 of us there and we all had a great time. One of the hightlights for me was eating this yummy seafood dish (I can´t remember the name of it now) that was like a mixture of a bunch of different kinds of seafood, lobster included, in a broth served with rice and yucca root flour. Delicious!

Here´s a view from the back of the house looking at the beach:
And here´s a pic of me standing in front of the house:
Luckily my student said that he wants to go up to the house more often, and that I am always welcome. So hopefully I´ll be spending some more time in this oasis, far from the noise and crime of the city, eating more yummy seafood and enjoying the sun and sand!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl
Could the dish have been a "moqueca"? I am going to be in Salvador in two weeks to spend Christmas with my dad and can't wait!

Pedra said...

Hi Sonia,
No, it wasn´t moqueca. I´ve had that before and it´s delicious! This dish was similar to moqueca, but had a bunch of different kinds of seafood. The broth was pretty much the same as moqueca, but it had a different name.

myzonez said...

hmmm.....It sounds really cool. So, all beaches in Brazil are like this? Well we too have beaches, ugly, dirty and dull-coloured ones. The only thing I am interested about beaches is the wind! Its really beautiful too see the crystal clear water there. Water here is dull and lifeless.