Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random photos and thoughts

I've done my sharing of complaining about Salvador, but as my time here is coming to a close, I've been reflecting about the things that I love about this city. Like everything else in life there are 2 sides: the positive and the negative. So I would like to leave here thinking more about the positive and taking the life lessons I have learned from the negative. Here are some last photos for you all to enjoy.
O amor da minha vida!

I am determined to make my graffiti photography project a reality!

I love parakeets!

I never get tired of this view. I think it will be burned into my memory forever.


Elizabeth said...

Hi, I will be living in Bahia next week teaching english. I am really scared because I have no place to really live. So, if you dont mind answering some questions. How much is rent there usually. And what things are furnished and what things are not?

COm muito obrigada,


nickdag said...

Oooopa Pedra,
Thanks for the writing and the blog. I appreciate your insights.

I'm a (gay) American guy living in Floripa and can relate to many of your feelings, even if I'm living in one of the wealthiest & safest parts of the country.

With that said, do you have any insight into the gay (male) community in Salvador -- does it even exist? I'm considering moving there but want a real community in my new home.

Thanks again for the writing. Good luck on the reculture-shock!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Please help me- a very loved one of mine left for Salvador and I would like to follow him. I have lived in the States and even though Im not a native speaker I have taught English before and I think this is the only chance of me getting a job in Brazil.

Do I get there first and walk from one language school to another spreading my Cvs? How did you do it? Did you have any contacts first?

Please help :)!

This is my email since I dont have a blog: