Thursday, May 22, 2008

Primeira pintura

I bought my first painting ever. And here is a photo of it! An aquaintance (now a friend) from Portland came here to Salvador to spend a month training capoeira and checking out the city. His girlfriend, who painted the above picture and who is also now a friend, came with him. Being so happy to hang out with fellow Portlanders, I spent quite a bit of time with both of them. After seeing Flora´s work, I decided to take the plunge and buy my first painting. Also, my apartment (see my previous post with pictures) was severely lacking in the art/decorations on the wall department, and so this painting now beautifully fills up a previously empty wall. I love it!!! The name of the painting is "Magia" which in English means magic.

Flora´s website is here: if you want to check out her work. She also hosted a cool art show in Portland last December called Thirty and will be hosting a follow up show in August (? I think it´s August!) called Thirty-one. If you are in Portland, you should check it out.

Thanks a million Flora!!! I already miss you guys!

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