Sunday, August 24, 2008

He´s already been elected?!

Well for all of you who have been worrying about the upcoming election and thinking that perhaps Obama doesn´t have what it takes to prevent another 4 years of Republican hell, you can relax. According to the shopping mall near my house, Obama has already been elected! I took this picture yesterday, after seeing it the other day and having my jaw pretty much drop down to the floor of the bus as I was passing by. The words on this advertisement say "O Poder Mudou", which translated into English mean "The power has moved". Now this ad has no other information, and at the time I had no idea what this sign was advertising. But the day after I saw it a friend of one of my students told me that it is for some kind of new apartment complex (WTF?!?!). Anyway, since seeing it on the mall sign, I have seen the same billboard all over the city. I guess as far as getting people´s attention, this advertising company sure did a great job! Now if only their prediction is correct!!!


A.L.R. said...

I saw this too and I flipped. I sooo wanted to blog this before anyone else. Damnit.

Helena S. said...

Actually It's about the newspaper "Correio da Bahia", that was redesigned and changed its name to "Correio" this week. Now they say, "everything changes, so does Correio".. I was surprised to see Obama being portrayed as the "elected" american president too, very precipitated, especially when it comes to a newspaper. And especially when they do acknowledge the world isn't static. So what will they do if McCain wins? Will they "import" Obama to be the new Bahia governor?