Thursday, August 21, 2008

Highlights of the week (so far)

Well, I have been neglecting my blog more than I would like, so thought I would send out a quick "highlights" entry to let you all know what is going on this week so far. There have been some interesting events!

-This morning while running, Vilma and I saw a camera crew and some people standing around by the Christ statue in Barra. I thought the TV crew was just filming some footage for the nightly news, you know those kind of filler shots of people walking by, cars, etc. But no... we found out at the end of the run (from the lady who sells coconut water) that they found a dead body washed up on the rocks below the statue. I don´t know what happened, but will hopefully see some more info on the nightly news.
-Yesterday, Vilma and I spent about 20 minutes feeding the micos (little monkeys) near our apartment. Vilma got a banana, broke it into little pieces, and put it on a tree branch. We had fun watching the monkeys come down to get the pieces. So cute!
-I have "adopted" a dog. OK, well I can´t have dogs in my apartment, but there is this street dog that I have fallen for. He is black, with long fur and looks to be in pretty good shape compared to the other street dogs. So I bought some dog treats and now everytime I pass the spot where I hangs out, I give him a treat in an attempt to make friends. He is very suspicious of people, but seems to be sort of coming around. I have named him "O Chefe", which means "The Chief".
-My work is getting really busy. I am almost to the point of not accepting any more students because I have no more times available! This is a good thing, and I am glad to have the work after kind of a dry spell.
-In the Olympics today, there was a gold medal match between the US and Brazil in women´s soccer. Surprisingly, the US won! I was happy, but kind of sad for Brazil because they have only won one gold medal so far.

I guess that is about it for highlights. At least I can´t think of any more right now so I will sign off. Hope this post finds everyone well!

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