Thursday, August 21, 2008

OK this is just ridiculous

Ummm, why do they have a picture of what looks like Mexico when it is supposed to be Rio de Janeiro? And why do they have the Brazilian soccer player speaking Portuguese with a Spanish accent? Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish!

I saw a news story today about this commercial, and just watched the whole thing. It is ridiculous and a perfect example of how Americans think that the USA is the world and every other country can just be lumped into one. "South/Central America" is just a big land mass where everyone speaks Spanish, not the rich, vastly different area filled with a multidude of different climates, cultures, and people.


Rachel said...

OOoooo nice one Cheryl! I agree completely. That is f-ing retarded. Mexico??!! Arlkagj;dlk when will people learn?

r said...

Been enjoying your blog as I'm moving to Salvador tomorrow. It's been very helpful. I realize this was posted a while ago, but I think the point of the commercial is they're driving to Brazil from the US and the road takes you through Mexico.

It's a minor point. I still get what you say about the US being the center of the universe.