Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday party pics

Here are some pictures from the birthday party that I went to 2 weeks ago. It was at a farm about 1 hour from Salvador. The highlight was definitely the horseback riding!

This was the main area where the decorations and cake were. Parabens means "Congratulations" in English. It is more traditional here to say "Parabens" when it is your birthday, instead of the American "Happy Birthday", although some folks do say "Feliz Anniversario".

And here is a picture of the house. I spent a good part of the day on the porch drinking chocolate liquor :) Yum!!!

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A.L.R. said...

Nice house. Looked like a good time. Hey I haven't seen you guys in a while. WTF is up with that! ahah

Hey, I'm thinking of going to see if I can get steady work at Cultura Ingles this semester. ACBEU won't hire me until I'm legal (in like 1-6 months) and I need work! I will probably be available everyday in the mornings (I have grad school starting at 4).

If I decide to go in, could you throw in a good word or something.
Thanks Pedra.