Friday, July 18, 2008

Indoor skiing

The other day I read a travel blog by this guy who talked about indoor skiing in Dubai. I had never heard about an indoor ski park, and before I had a chance to do an online search to see what it looks like, I had a dream last night about skiing in such a park.

I was with my brother and we were skiing. The park staff kept changing the difficulty of the slope, making it more and more difficult. The slope was literally changing below our feet! I remember that both of us were falling a lot. That was the bulk of the dream, I don´t really remember any more of it. What it means, I have no idea, but it did inspire me to do a web search for the ski park´s website, and also to search on Youtube to see if there were any videos of folks skiing at this park. Sure enough, here is one that I thought I would share with you. At least we know that no matter how bad global warming gets, we can always find a place to ski. Just be prepared to pay $300 for a day of skiing there.


Ski Dubai said...

And did you know that ski Dubai needs 5 tons of oil per day?

Pedra said...

Wow! No I didn´t.... How crazy, given our current situation with oil. Just shows you how much money is over there that they can just throw around.

Jason said...

That slope looks like the bunny slope at Stowe.. Only inside.. 5 tons of oil in Dubai. That is like drop in the bucket for them.