Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Drug problems in Brazil

This situation happened last week in Porto Alegre, which is in the southern-most state in Brazil:
Uma mulher vendeu a filha recém-nascida por R$ 15 para comprar crack, em Porto Alegre. A denúncia chegou ao Conselho Tutelar no final da tarde desta quinta-feira (10).

De acordo com o conselho, uma moradora da periferia da cidade ofereceu a filha de um mês de idade para traficantes em troca de R$ 5 em crack. Ao tomar conhecimento da situação, outra mulher ofereceu R$ 15 à mãe da criança para evitar que o bebê fosse parar nas mãos de traficantes.

A criança está no Conselho Tutelar aguardando vaga em um abrigo. A mulher que vendeu a filha é procurada pela polícia, mas ainda não há pistas. (Copied from Globo news online)

Translation: A woman sold her recently-born daughter for R$15 (equivalent to about $9.40US with the current exchange rate) to buy crack, in Porto Alegre. The complaint was made at the "Conselho Tutelar" (I don´t know the translation for this) at the end of the afternoon this Thursday (July 10).

According to the conselho, a resident of the outskirts of the city offered the one month old child to drug dealers in exchange for R$5 worth of crack. After seeing what was happening, another woman offered R$15 to the mother of the child to avoid the baby being in the hands of the dealers.

The child is at the Conselho Tutelar waiting a vacancy in a shelter. The woman who sold the child is wanted by the police, but is still at large.

So sad...but not surprising. The crack problem here is HUGE. If you go to the center of Salvador, the vast majority of homeless people are all on crack. For this reason, I rarely go to this part of the city. It´s a complicated problem with no easy solution.


Let's Help Brazil! said...

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markuza said...

There is a woman who lives around here, in the center of the city, who is obviously an addict and I've watched her belly get all big twice and then she gives birth and apparently gives the baby away, because she's right out there again on the street. I doubt she sells them, but I don't really have any idea. I know other folks who have given away babies either because they didn't have the means to take care of them or they didn't want them, a kind of informal adoption. I could go on but I think I'll leave it at that.

Pedra said...

Mark, I know what you are talking about! I hate seeing women who are obviously on drugs and pregnant. Once I was in the Pelourinho and a drunk pregnant woman asked me for money. This was during my first visit here when I spoke no Portuguese. I didn´t know what to do so just ran away as quickly as I could, as she was really aggressive. So sad.