Friday, July 11, 2008

Things I miss

I have been feeling pretty homesick lately. I find myself missing my community of friends back in Portland and just things about the city itself that I took for granted while living there. So, as an attempt to feel better, I thought I would reminisce a little here about the things that I miss about Portland and the US in general.

I miss this beautiful park (in the photo) near Reed College where the rhododendrons bloom each spring. I miss fish tacos at La Bonita on Alberta Street. I miss New Seasons (although I don't miss the prices). I miss my capoeira group and all the fun times we have in and out of class. I miss riding my bike all over the city. I miss living in a city where it is relatively safe to ride your bike around. I miss the artistic vibe that runs through all the crazy events that are put on year round (soapbox derby anyone?). I miss Stumptown coffee. I miss the farmer's market at PSU (although there are interesting farmers markets here too!). I miss the consciousness that folks have about recycling and not using a lot of resources. I miss bacon. I miss eating breakfast out on the weekends. I miss Last Thursday. I miss fresh berries (strawberries here are gross!). I miss naked lady clothing exchange parties. I miss Burning Man parties. I miss all the great DJs that Portland has. I miss the architecture of the pacific NW. I miss hiking in the gorge. I could go on forever with the things that I miss about the US, but the most important things I miss are my family and my friends. It is not the same without all of you here with me!!!