Monday, July 7, 2008

Graffiti Sunday

Yesterday a new friend kindly agreed to drive me around while I took some graffiti pics. I have seen some pieces from the bus or while in one of my student´s cars and wanted to be able to go to these places in a car to be able to get out and take some pictures. Here is a sampling:
I took this one while sitting in the car. Note the guy sleeping underneath! I really love this piece because it says "Natureza que saudades" which basically means, "Nature how I miss you".
This one is kind of funny because you can see the umbrella in the top of the photo. This was one of the last pictures I took yesterday because it started raining and then started pouring! I was kind of bummed out because I wanted to get a shot of this whole picture, but there was also a woman selling some stuff in front of one side of the piece, so I just got this part of it. I think that I will go back another time to try and get a better shot because I really love this piece. There is writing in the middle of it that says "Não perca suas raizes" which means "Don´t lose your roots". An important reminder.

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